Weaving Stored Procedures into Java at Zalando

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Auch für den April haben wir kurzfristig noch einen interessanten Vortrag organisieren können. Wir werden uns diesmal am 16.04.2013 bei der Zalando GmbH treffen. Wir werden wie immer um 19:00 Uhr starten. Als Referent haben wir diesmal Jan Mußler,  Database Engineer bei Zalando, zu Gast.

Termin: 16.04.2013, 19:00 Uhr
Ort: Zalando GmbH, Löwenstraße 11a, 44135 Dortmund

“Weaving Stored Procedures into Java at Zalando”
Zalando’s e-commerce platform is relying heavily on Java technologies using PostgreSQL databases for persistent storage of most of the critical data. Accessing data inside the PostgreSQL database is handled through an API consisting of stored procedures. These are coded primarily in SQL or plpgsql and are based on very low level use cases. Communication with this API was previously implemented using Spring’s stored procedure classes, which worked out but did not make us happy. With technological goals like writing as little code as possible, easy mapping of database types and structures to Java domain objects, single point of entry for validation, and transparent support of stored procedures in a sharded database environment we started implementing a Spring compatible type mapper and finally wrote our stored procedure wrapper. Using this wrapper in Java heavily reduces the amount of Java code developers have to write for making database API calls. The presentation will briefly cover parts of our platform and database setup before diving into the details of the stored procedure wrapper and its functionality. We will go from basic use cases to more complex examples in a distributed environment, before finishing with a look at our open source PostgreSQL database performance monitoring setup.

Jan Mußler joined Zalando in May 2011 as a Database Engineer. Earlier he studied Computer Science at the RWTH Aachen University and wrote his Diploma Thesis at the Jülich Super Computing Centre. For the past two years he was part of the Database Team, which is responsible for the PostgreSQL database infrastructure, developing tools and support libraries related to database topics at Zalando. He also assists fellow colleagues with their database tasks, including reviewing Database design and code with focus on scaling and performance.


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