Talk im Oktober: WTF Is So Great About “Scala & Play?”

Have you ever wondered why “those cool kids” talk about Scala and Play so much? While we’re not sure that we qualify as programming hipsters, we are Scala and Play enthusiasts—and we would like to shed some light into this matter for you.

This talk will be a short introduction into Scala and Play. We’ll talk about the learning curve for each, and how to adapt to Scala when you come from another world (Java) or universe (even farther than that). We’ll also advise you on when—and when you should NOT—switch to/use Scala in old or new projects. We aim to give you some practical, basic knowledge of Scala and the choices to make before heading into all the fun.

Software Engineer Nils Mahle joined Zalando in 2013 and started using Scala for business applications in 2011. Earlier this year he established Scala as his team’s primary language and has done many internal trainings for both Scala and Play starters. At Zalando he’s part of the Growth Hackers, who work on performance marketing initiatives.

Bjoern Wertschulte has been with Zalando since July 2013 and is part of the Growth Hackers team, who work on performance marketing initiatives. He has been a Scala enthusiast since 2011, after switching from F# (and before that, from C#). A Scala evangelist, he helped influence Zalando’s engineering team to adopt it and has led several internal trainings in Scala and Play.

Termin: 15.10.15, 19:00 Uhr
Ort: Zalando, Hörder Hafenstraße 1-3, 44263 Dortmund