Vortragsabend mit Simon Ritter am 28.11

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wir laden euch am 28.11. herzlich zu einem Vortragsabend in die adesso-Räumlichkeiten mit Simon Ritter ein. Simon begleitet Java fast seit seit Anfang an und war Java Evangelist bei Sun und Oracle, bevor er zu zu Azul Systems wechselte, wo er als Deputy CTO unter anderem die Entwicklung eines JDK für IoT-Geräte begleitet. Das Thema des (englischsprachigen) Vortrags lautet “Is an Agile Standard for Java Possible?”.

Für etwas zu Essen und Getränke wird wie immer gesorgt :).

Anmeldung auf Meetup.

Java has had nine releases (almost) over 22 years, with a cadence that has varied between 13 months and four and a half years. When JDK 9 is released in September, it will have been three and a half years since the launch of JDK 8. Many factors affect how long it takes to complete a release of Java, but Oracle has stated publicly that they want to move to a much more agile release process. The idea behind this is that features will be released when they are ready, and they won’t be grouped together to form significant major releases. How this works in practice and how developers and users will react to this is a cause for some debate. In this session we’ll look at some of the history behind the way standards for Java have been developed and what the advantages and disadvantages these proposed changes will have.

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