Talk Night im April

Wir laden herzlich ein zu einem Talk von Chis Chedgey – Co-Founder von Structure 101 – zum spannenden Thema “Bridging the Divide between Architecture and Code”.

Für Getränke während und Pizza nach dem Talk wird wie immer gesorgt :).

Wir freuen uns auf eure Teilnahme!

adesso AG
Stockholmer Allee 20
44269 Dortmund

Bitte über meetup anmelden.

Hinweis: der Talk wird auf Englisch gehalten

Static diagrams on wikis and white-boards might capture the vision of architects, but they don’t much help programmers to understand how the code they’re working on right now fits into the architecture. Nor are the programmers warned when they violate the diagrams as they forge changes, line-by-line.

This is a huge problem – it is ultimately individual lines of code that make or break an architecture; and we know that a clean architecture will help teams develop a more flexible product, with less complexity, less wasted effort, etc. Worse, without practical architectural guidance, programmers wrestle with invisible structures that emerge from thousands of inter-dependent lines of code.

And being invisible, these structures become ever more complex, coupled, and tangled. In fact, uncontrolled structure actively fights against productive development.

This talk shows how to rein in emergent code-base structures and gradually transform them into a cogent, defined architecture. You will see how…

Visualizing the emergent structure makes a code-base easier to understand.
Restructuring to remove tangles and reduce coupling makes the visualized code-base easier to work on.
Specifying layering and dependency rules converts good structure into a controlled architecture that guides the team as the code-base evolves and grows.
A key ingredient is a live visualization, inside the IDE, of the detailed code the programmer is working on, in the context of the overall architecture. In short, you will learn how bridging the architect/programmer divide can convert code-base structure from liability into an asset that actively works for development productivity.

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